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Mine and IED Protection

CONDAT offers complete mine protection analysis and occupant safety analysis according to standards like STANAG 4569. The  service comprises:

  • FE modelling based on CAD data
  • Nonlinear dynamic structure simulation with focus on failure of structures and materials
  • Specialized models for welds, bolted joints and adhesive bonds
  • Evaluation of firing  range tests and laboratory tests for model calibration of explosives, soils and vehicle components
  • Reverse engineering methods for the  reconstruction of in-theatre accidents
  • Elaborate documentation with graphs, images and animations

These services are based on more than 25 years of application and improvement of CONDAT’s self-developed FE-code CONDAT-Dyna-3D. Furthermore, CONDAT has at its disposal a specialised team with many years of experience in expicit finite element analysis.