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For current asymmetrical threat scenarios represented by mines, improvised explosive devices (IED), anti-tank weapons and others, holistic protection concepts are necessary, with massive repercussions in all areas of the vehicle structure.

In the last Years numerical simulation achieved the role of an indispensable tool in that area. Only with its help it is possible, for example, to evaluate and optimise structures and protection measures prior to or during development without having to build and test complex vehicle sections or prototypes repeatedly. The latter would regularly go beyond the scope of the available budget and time frame.

Against this background, CONDAT has established itself as the leading German company in the area of protection layout and evaluation by use of calculation over the last 25 years.

One characteristic of the company profile is the involvement in nearly every upgrade and new vehicle project of the German Bundeswehr with relevance to protection since 1985. CONDAT operates as well in the context of assignments of the BAAInBw (German procurement Office) as under contract of German and international vehcle buildeers.